EDM challenges no. 59 & 65

Spring is finally here (in Stockholm) and like everybody else I love it. It´s been very much longed for after a long cold winter. But it does have a disadvantage – or millions of them, actually. Pollen. Those nasty little grains flying around, invisible to the eye but very real when it comes to clogging up my face, making nose and eyes itch and run. Which is why I combined two EDM challenges this time – draw a sign of spring and draw your nose.

The usual signs of spring – buds, grass and flowers – are all very nice, but the thing that really makes me go “yep, spring is definitely here” is the day when I have to start carrying at least three different kinds of medicin around with me – one for the body, one for the nose and one for the eyes.

But still. Spring is nice.

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