Surprise landing

I´ve said it before – the strangest things happen in this town. This morning we woke up by the sound of a helicopter. Helicopters are not that unusual where we live, but having one right above our house at eight o´clock on a sunday morning is not part of our daily routines.

Suddenly the sound of it stopped. It didn´t fade, it just stopped. Meaning the helicopter must have landed.

We went out to check, and there it was. A big red ambulance helicopter, right in front of the fire-station about a hundred meters from our apartment. Don´t ask me how they managed to put that thing down between the station and a huge tree right next to it, plus a big road with traffic on it. I guess the pilot must have practiced landing a few times before.

I sat down across the street to draw this oddity, and after a while the crew came out and put on their gear, and the pilot called out to me and asked me if I was prepared for their taking off. “Sure”, I said and gave him thumbs up. So they started the engine and I tried desperately to look kind of cool and used to the situation but, man… I´ve seen helicopter lift-offs on TV and I´ve understood that there is WIND under a helicopter, but this was ridiculous. I was practically blown off the little power station I was sitting on. I´m glad I was able to hold on to the Moleskine.

Oh well. You learn something new every day. Next time I won´t be wearing a wide skirt.

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