Interior in ink

Thought I´d start the new year with an ink drawing I made on Christmas Eve (the day we actually celebrate Christmas in Sweden – Christmas Day if usually more about slacking, watching good movies on TV, eating lovely leftovers from the day before and just feeling cozy with your near and dear ones). After all the celebrating and gift giving and eating, the great Calm entered my in-law´s house, and I sat down and drew this corner of their living room. I entered that “drawing zone”, you know, when you just draw and forget everything around you, including time. Wonderful.

The almost horizontal line across the sofa is where I started this drawing. I wanted to get the angles of the room right before adding anything else like furniture and stuff, so I began by drawing this line, the roof line and the corner line between the two walls. Since I usually draw directly in ink I couldn´t get rid of this line afterwards, but I don´t mind. I actually kind of like it when you can see the remains of how a drawing was made.

14.5 x 21.5 cm, Lamy Safari and Noodler´s Ink in a sketchbook.

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