New colors, no drawing

According to my Art Plan (sounds a bit pompous, doesn´t it? I´ll have to drop the capital letters next time I use it…) I have been practicing some painting without drawing. It is certainly tricky to know where to put the colors down on the paper to get it right, and those leaves are just impossible. I must confess I improvised on them a bit.

Not that I am the slightest bit disappointed in my usual palette, but I had to try the watercolors from Kremer Pigmente after reading about them online. I got them about a week ago and have been playing around with them to see what they are all about. The tulips are made with the Kremers and a flat brush, which gives the painting a slightly different look than my usual stuff. These colors are very different from my ordinary ones, more opaque and have a mind of their own. I kind of like the fact that they don´t behave like I´m used to. They will not replace my usual palette, but they have found a place among my art supplies as a very appreciated and amusing complement.

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