I´m not a fan of wearing wristwatches, they tend to twist around and end up on the wrong side of my arm, and most of the days I don´t wear a clock at all – thus being a terrible model to my young students.

The last year or so, I´ve developed a slight passion for these little fellas, though, small turnip watches (correct me if my English dictionary is wrong here… TURNIP watch??). These are more in my taste than wristwatches, they are out of the way in a pocket when I don´t need them.

The right one is broken, and I just found out today that it would cost me three times the price of the clock to fix it. I said I would think about it… I hate it when things I love to use break down. I have one more with a lid on it, but it´s nowhere near as beautiful as this one, and as I´m still feeling sulky about this favorite of mine, I refuse to use the other one.

This drawing is an EDM challenge, #109 – Draw a clock you have around your house. I bought a new pen the other day, thought I´d give it a try on the clocks. I used these pens a lot a few years back and kind of forgot about them. It´s a Faber Castell technical pen. It doesn´t beat the Lamy in smoothness and ease of use, but they aren´t really in the same competition. This is a completely different thing. Nice, as a fresh change for a while.

The drawing is 13 x 6 cm, Faber Castell drawing ink on a sketchbook page.

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