Finally some colors!

I sat down for a while this evening to try to capture some branches of this flowering maple outside our kitchen window. At least we think it´s a maple. The view is brand new, we moved in here less than a month ago, and we haven´t seen any leaves on this tree yet. (And we are not thoroughly at home with botany…)

It is exciting to follow the development of the much too early spring here, from our windows above the treetops. We have a splendid view over the neighborhood, and see the light-green shades changing from day to day. A tiny blue tit likes to visit the tree in the afternoons, I may have to try to capture that little fellow on paper too…

I haven´t felt like using watercolors for a long time now, not since we started out on this moving adventure. Too much chaos around me seems to take the energy off painting. I wrote about that over at The Drawing Club the other day, so I won´t repeat it here. Energy is back, though, and so are the colors in my drawings. Feels good.

Both images are about 13 x 20 cm, on a sketchbook page. The top one is an attempt to paint without drawing first, the other has a very simple pencil drawing underneath the colors. The leaves are drawn with a Lamy Safari and Noodler´s ink before coloring.

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