Every day in May no. 14, and tagged!

I was tagged by Casey, so now I have to tell you seven things about myself that you don´t know. And then I am supposed to find seven more people to tag but I doubt I will find seven un-tagged persons, seems like these tag-things travel fast.

Ok, I´ll start with the seven “secrets”. Grab your notebooks, folks!

  1. My real name isn´t Nina, it´s Katarina. But nobody calls me that, and I prefer it that way. Been called Nina since I was a wee child.
  2. I am extremely tired in the mornings. I snooze at least three times every morning, so I have to set the alarm clock half an hour earlier than necessary. Stupid, huh?
  3. Before I became an art teacher, I used to work as a bus driver in Stockholm city and in my home town Umeå. I kind of liked it, especially in Stockholm and especially early mornings, as strange as that might seem after sharing secret no. 2 with you…
  4. When I was a kid I read the headline to a scientific article about the ice age. It said something like “The ice age is coming back” and there was a very dramatic illustration to it. That freaked me out. For weeks I looked out my window in the mornings to make sure there was no ice wall by the horizon. I was terrified. Not until months later did I dare to read the whole article, where it said it would take thousands of years for this to happen…
  5. I was extremely shy when I was little, and the fear of talking in front of others or sticking my nose out followed me through my teens. In my late teens and early twenties I began to consciously fight this shyness because I discovered that it actually stopped me from doing things I really wanted to do. I did pretty well after a while, but I don´t think I quite got rid of it all until I started working as a teacher five years ago. Shyness stinks.
  6. I love Surströmming, a typical northern Sweden delicacy. “Rotten fish” is what the critics call it. Little do they know of gourmet taste.
  7. I always cheat when playing computer games (which I don´t do very often, but still). I mean, what´s the point in playing the same level over and over again, only to gain some little extra advantage, when you can type in a fast cheat code and get invulnerable and incredibly rich and goodlooking and walk through the rest of the game with a smile on your face? 🙂

That´s it! Anna, Susan and Andrea, consider yourselves tagged!

Drawing: 8 x 12 cm, Lamy Safari, Noodler´s Lexington Grey and watercolors on a small Moleskine Watercolor page.

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