Every day in May no. 26

Just a little experiment with Kremer watercolours. Tried a light wash (raw sienna and irgazine red) over the whole page except the flowers, and then a dark wash (quindo rosa d and pthalo green) over the background, leaving the lighter wash on the plant.

Today was not a good drawing day, and I guess this was an attempt to make something out of a rather dull drawing. I´ve often discovered that drawings that you don´t like tend to shape up if you just don´t give up on them too early. Or, if the drawing doesn´t get better from your hard work, at least you often learn something in the end. For example that quindo rosa d and pthalo green make a pretty interesting grey. 🙂

8 x 12 cm, Lamy Safari, Noodler´s Lexington grey and Kremer watercolours on a small Moleskine Watercolor page.

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