Sketchbook pages

Thought I´d give you a peek at the latest three pages from my sketchbook. They are basically just drawings from bike rides in Stockholm. The first sketch is a pencil drawing from Kungsholmen, where pigeons have chosen a statue as their home base. Underneath is a watercolour without drawing first, always difficult but good practice.

The next page is a collage of sorts. I decided to draw everything on the same page as I moved through town, so it´s a sign above a store front, a stone lion from the government building, some people from various places, a street light. There´s actually a man drawn in pencil between the two women, but I decided not to paint him. The watercolours were added afterwards on this one.

The third page is from two different places in town. The top one is from Old Town, I sat in a street café and drew a door on the other side of a little square. Old Town is funny, because everything is a bit lopsided and crooked, no angles are right, so you have to really look to be able to capture the perspective correctly here. If you try to use logic your drawings will end up all stiff and strange. The second drawing on the page is of some houses at Hornstull, in the southern parts of town. I tried colored pencils for once, thought it would be useful for fast sketches. I like the Faber Castell pencils, but I hate their choice of colours for the 12 pencil set. Not at all what I would have chosen. For instance, there are no good greens for trees, which would be ok if there was a good blue to mix with yellow, but there are no decent blues either…

16.5 x 22 cm, pencil, Lamy Safari and Noodler´s ink, colored pencils and watercolours on Arches Satin paper.

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