30 minutes by a zebra crossing

I seem to have taken to quick sketches lately, I don´t know why but I really enjoy trying to capture people in motion. These are from ten days back, I was sitting in a café overlooking a zebra crossing right in the heart of Stockholm, and I couldn´t resist making use of my sketchbook and a pen.

Unfortunately winter is here (well, I like winter, actually, but drawing-wise it´s a drag – either your fingers freeze or your ink does…) so it´s getting harder to find good places to draw in town. I like being outside. In-door shopping malls are always an option for drawing people, but I get so de-inspired (is that a word?) by the surroundings…

Oh well, I´ll get by.

16 x 21 cm, Lamy Safari with Noodler´s Lexington Grey on Arches Satin paper.

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