Happy new year!

On the last day of the year I did an imaginary summer landscape… must be the lack of light in Sweden this time of year that inspired it. Like yesterday I chose some colours to work with, to try to limit myself a bit, but it´s harder to mix the Neocolor II crayons than ordinary paints, so it was difficult to get all the nuances I wanted from the chosen colours. I dipped the crayons in water to work wet and tried to keep out the fine details.

Anyway, Happy New Year, everybody, I hope 2008 will bring you much joy and happiness, and just the right amount of hardship to better appreciate the good things in life!

15 x 20,5 cm, light gray Pitt brush pen and Neocolor II crayons on drawing paper (that dissolves and makes a mess if you work in too many layers with wet crayons on it…).

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