Coldest drawing this winter

This drawing is from the coldest drawing session of this winter so far. I went out for a walk in town a little more than a week ago, and had made my mind up to do at least one drawing with watercolours on location that day.

I saw this window from across a churchyard situated right below it, and sat down on a park bench by the church to draw. Unfortunately I sat in the shadow, on what must have been the most windy spot in the whole town, and even though the temperature was about 3 or 4 degrees above zero (Celsius) my fingers got all numb in that wind. It´s been a long time since I had such a hard time to move my pen around the paper. In pure stubbornness I started colouring the whole thing too with a Niji Waterbrush, but had to give up after a few minutes, when the wind actually tore the sketchbook out of my lap and blew it away among the graves. I finished the watercolours at home.

Funny thing: I just noticed that I wrote 2007 in the date on this drawing. Am I going backwards?

14,5 x 16 cm, Lamy Safari with Noodler´s Lexington gray ink, and watercolours on Arches hot press watercolour paper.

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