Time thief

When I was a kid, Sweden had two TV channels, Channel one and Channel two. Can you imagine that in these days of TV-channelmania? I used to check the TV pages (make that singular – TV page) in the paper, “nope, nothing good on tonight”, so the TV often stayed turned off.

Do you know what that gets you? TIME! Time to do good stuff with.

The other night I got stuck in front of the ol´telly again, only this time I turned it off after a while and drew it instead. We have the old fat kind of TV. It´s a bit dated by now, I guess. You can´t change the aspect ratio on it and it turns a little green every now and then. But watching it closely like this for a while made me realize why I like this one better than the new flat screens with all their Fancy Functions: it has an oldfashioned on/off button that actually turns the damn thing completely OFF, not just into standby mode. That little wonder is a real time saver.

17 x 22 cm, Lamy Safari with Noodler´s black ink, watercolours and coloured pencils on Arches satinée watercolour paper (sketchbook page).

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