Sketchbook project #1

I am part of two new exciting sketchbook projects this spring and summer, involving artists from many corners of the world. The first project, Flying Pictures, has just had it´s lift-off during this week. The second one is about to begin, I will tell you more about it as soon as it has started.

In the Flying Pictures project, seven handmade concertina sketchbooks has been sent from their owners/makers to travel around the world. They will make seven stops along the way, where the participating artists will fill the books with more pages and their own artwork. This way, the books will grow along the way, and hopefully take on a form of their own. I have no idea what my book will look like when it returns to me, which is of course what makes this whole project so thrilling to participate in.

My book, called Polychromatic Behaviour (front cover and part of first page posted here), left home this weekend, and so I have joined the other participants in worrying about what will happen to the book along the way. I think I speak for all of us when I say that I´m not at all worried about the time it will spend with the other artists involved, but rather what will happen to it in the hands of the postal services of all the countries it will pass on it´s way…

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