New toys

I forgot to post this – a bit of play with some new wax crayons. I´ve been wanting some real quality wax crayons for a while, and I finally invested in (or wasted money on, depends on how you look at it) a box of Caran d´Ache Neocolor I a few weeks ago. This drawing is me comparing the Neocolor crayons with the really old cheapo crayons I had before (cheapo on the left, Neocolor on the right).

The difference isn´t so much in the image as in my wrist. The left image was really hard work, the cheapos don´t really want to leave colour on the paper – probably because they´re mostly wax and not so much pigment – while the Neocolors just smeared on like butter. Wonderful!

17 x 13 cm, Faber Castell Smart crayons and Caran d´Ache Neocolor I crayons on sketchbook page.

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