Portrait format Moleskine, anyone?

fake_molieJust a thought: wouldn´t it be nice to see the Moleskine Watercolour Notebook in portrait format? Picture it before you, opening a portrait format Watercolour Notebook and having that almost square shaped spread to work on! Quite nice, huh? Because, honestly, the existing ones have a rather hopeless extreme landscape format, that many of us just don´t find very useful.

So, as an experiment, I created a Facebook group (my first, and probably last) to see if it´s possible to have some influence on what Moleskine decide to put out on the market. But to have any effect at all, a group needs members, right? Therefore, if you feel the same about this, follow the link below to join the group! And don´t play it safe by just hitting “Like”, JOIN! 😉

We would love to see a Moleskine Watercolor Notebook in PORTRAIT format

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