Artist´s Journal Workshop – new book, and some links


There are suddenly so many things happening at once that I don´t even have time to write about all of them!

First of all, Cathy Johnson´s new book, Artist´s Journal Workshop, is available now. She has collected work from 27 artists around the world (me included, and I feel so proud to be in it!) to show how to start and keep an artist´s journal. It´s a great source of inspiration, and I can´t stop drooling over the images in it. You´ll find it at, and

As if this didn´t give enough attention to my images, I have also been featured on some sites on the world wide web:

First of all, I had the honor of being featured on Lines and colors in June. I have followed this great site for several years and now I´m suddenly on it, with all those talented people… Pretty awesome. : )

Anna at See.Be.Draw. has made a great series of interviews called The 5-minute Creative Process Interviews, where some creative people share some thoughts and inspiration sources. I find them really interesting, and if you want to read mine, it´s here.

Also, along with Artist´s Journal Workshop mentioned above, Cathy Johnson started a blog to expand on the contents of the book. Before the book was finished, she did a series of interviews with the artists from the book, and you can read mine here.


And, now I´m packing for the Urban Sketchers Symposium in Lisbon. I´m super excited, but more on that in another post.

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