Day two, Clermont-Ferrand


Day two was just as crowded as day one, only less school children, and more adults. My head is spinning from trying to conjugate French verbs all day.

At eleven, there was a debate, or a ’round table meeting’ (no table, though) with the Scandinavians, i.e. me, Ea Ejersbo and Mattias Adolfsson. We were interviewed by a journalist and answered questions from the audience. (To help us with the fascinating French language, there were also two interpreters there. I never spoke through an interpreter before, and I realized afterwards that I probably spoke more to her than the audience…)

I am amazed at how much interest people have here for travel journals and sketchbooks. I have had visitors at my stand all the time, non-stop. People have leafed through my sketchbooks and posed questions about technique, tools and drawing habits, and I have tried to answer as best I can in my horrible French.

The most frequently asked question is whether I have published something, if there is a book one can buy in the Rendezvous bookshop… Darn. I knew I should have made a book.

The dinner in the evening turned into a drawing party. Funny that photographing drawings with the iPhone in bad lighting always seems to produce a green tinge in the middle of the image…


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