The Rendez vous has started


I’m having a crazy first day at the Rendez vous du Carnet de Voyage. The place is crowded with people, and today is the day when the school kids visit, and they all want a drawing done in their school books. It’s a rather odd feeling to draw with ten kids leaning over you. They run around collecting drawings from all the ‘carnettistes’. And my brain is ready to explode from trying to speak French with children… But they are very understanding, I ask them to speak slowly, and they really make an effort to.

I’ve had lots and lots of other people too at my stand, asking about my art, about Sweden and Stockholm, about my drawing tools. I’ve had so many interesting conversations, mostly in Frenglish.

As a bonus, my stand is right next to Mattias Adolfsson’s, so I finally get to meet one of my favorite illustrators. : )

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