December 9


I think guitars (and other string instruments – cellos, violins, ukuleles…) are difficult to draw. They are kind of awkward to fit onto a page, bulky at one end and very narrow at the other, and everytime I try to draw one, I end up with more of a symbol of a guitar instead of an actual individual guitar. I draw the kind of image any human being would recognize as a guitar, but hardly That Particular Guitar, if you know what I mean.

So, to try to do something different with this instrument, I have been looking at my guitar from all kinds of angles, turning it this way and the other, trying to find a view that would be less typical. I ended up with this very shortened view that I find kind of interesting.

This was a really fun drawing to make. I draw a lot, and I think I have a pretty decent perception of proportions, and I usually don´t check relationships in my drawings very much, other than with my eyesight. But this time I had to use the pen for measuring here and there. I couldn´t believe my eyes when the head stock looked higher than the whole body of the instrument, but there it is – it IS higher, from this angle. Challenging for a brain stuck in symbol mode. : )

17,5 x 12.8 cm, Snowman ink pen and watercolours on Plano drawing paper.

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