Urban Sketchers Symposium 2012 – Santo Domingo


I am going to be one of the instructors at the Urban Sketchers Symposium  in Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic) in July. Last year´s symposium in Lisbon was a blast. It was so wonderful to meet sketchers from all over the world, and drawing together with likeminded people in such a beautiful city for three days in a row is quite an unforgettable experience.

My workshop this year is called Challenge through limitations, and will deal with getting out of your “drawing comfort zone”. I think it´s good to challenge yourself sometimes, give yourself some time-, subject- or technique limitations, and get out of your normal routines when drawing. Hopefully, it will make you look at your surroundings in new ways, and broaden your range of styles and drawing tools. In my workshop, participants will get the chance to try some tools they may not have used before, and capture things on paper in ways they normally don´t. 

Read all about this event on the Symposium site, and check out all the other inspiring workshops too. And then sign up. : )

Meanwhile, I´m trying out all kinds of fun stuff for my workshop in sketchbooks and on random pieces of papers. Stay tuned for more. 

Approx. 19 x 12 cm, cheapo children´s coloured pens on drawing paper.

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