The distant sound of chain-saws


It has been a rainy day in Stockholm today, but in the afternoon it held up for a bit, and suddenly I heard the distant sound of chain-saws. Uh-oh. That means they are beginning to cut down the trees near our house! (See my previous post to know why.) I hurried out, wanted to draw this before the big ones fall – this place is going to change so much!

While I was drawing, that dark wall of greenery in the background slowly disappeared, one tree at a time, until I could see distant buildings there instead. Then it was time for the workers to finish for the day. The big ones were still standing. A light drizzle began to fall, so I had to go inside to add the watercolours.

18,5 x 16 cm, Namiki Falcon with Platinum Carbon ink and watercolours, on Lana 200 gsm cold press watercolour paper.

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