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I have been hanging out with Luís Simões for a couple of days, the World Sketching tour guy, who has reached Stockholm on his way north.

Yesterday we sat outside a café at Nybrogatan sketching, together with David Meldrum (another Stockholm sketcher). Lots of talk and looking through each others´ sketchbooks, of course, but also concentrated sketching fun.

While I was putting watercolours on this restaurant on the right, I saw in the corner of my eye that a man was standing behind me, looking discretely over my shoulder at what I was doing. In the end he couldn´t stay quiet.  “Excuse me, but is that me?”. It was the guy with the tie in my drawing! I have no idea how he got so quickly from where he was when I was drawing him, to the spot behind me. And even more surprising is how he could possibly see that I was drawing him – there was quite a distance between me and the restaurant.
It was a nice meeting, though. He was happy with the drawing, even though I made his hair too long. “See?”, he said, pointing to the back of his head. “I just cut it, it´s almost shaved.” 🙂

Left drawing: 9 x 13,5 cm, right drawing: 6,5 x 12 cm. Both: Namiki Falcon with Platinum Carbon ink, and watercolours on Lana 200 gsm cold pressed watercolour paper.

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