Sagrada Família, first drawing


I have been drawing for one and a half day around the Sagrada Família, and I have to say this building is a crazy structure. Fantastic, amazing, beautiful and great in every way too, but definitely crazy. In a good way.

Throwing a glance at it, everything looks kind of random, and you thing “wow, Gaudí sure had some vivid imagination”. But then, when you actually start looking, while drawing it, you find a system in everything. At first I thought the bell towers, which were the first things I drew, looked like half random upside-down icicles, more or less. But then, when you start looking properly, you see how in order everything is – the openings on the towers sorted in elegant rows, and how the towers are attached to each other with little bridges…

And then you think “WOW, Gaudí was a pure genius. AND with a vivid imagination”. That is a winning combination.

24 x 16 cm, Namiki Falcon with Platinum Carbon black ink and watercolours on Canson Fontenay 300 gsm watercolour paper.

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