Beach trip


The day after the Urban Sketchers symposium ended back in July, a few of us headed up to the north side of the island, to a village called Samana. We wanted to get away from the city for a few hours, and see some other parts of the Dominican republic, and a bus trip across the island seemed like the perfect way to do it.

We ended up at Anadel beach, a slow and calm place where the waves rolling in was the only sound present. We spent a few fantastic hours here, swimming, sketching, and eating the most wonderful lunch with all kinds of deliciousness from the sea.


The contrast to the bustling city life of Santo Domingo was striking. This beach was near empty, apart from some local kids playing in a little creek that hit the ocean here. The sea finally gave us the chance to cool off, which was nearly impossible in Santo Domingo. Refreshed and energized, we headed back to the city in the afternoon, stopping for a quick sketch in a nearby village.


Thanks! I´m afraid it´s not for sale, it is on a page in my sketchbook,and made on a rough grain watercolour paper that makes it hard to scan properly and make good quality prints.

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