Biologiska museet – International Sketchcrawl #38


Yesterday was International Sketchcrawl day, the 38th one, to be exact. In Stockholm, eight of us went drawing in Biologiska museet (the Biological museum – you´ll have to press “In English, no direct links to the different pages).


Entering this museum feels like traveling in time. It is basically a big taxedermy diorama in a huge wooden building, resembling a Norwegian stave church. No fancy technical exhibition tricks, no digital learning games or whatever other museums serve to their visitors. Just animals. And a fascinating wooden interior.

magpie mixed_animals

Unfortunately, the old wooden building didn´t quite manage to keep the warmth inside. Yesterday was the coldest day so far this winter, about -15° Celsius, and some of those cold degrees seeped into the museum. This shortened our stay there a bit, with cold fingers we went for lunch at a nearby café instead. I managed to capture a few animals though, quick sketches in ink.

Approx. 14 cm high, different widths, Duke fountain pen and Namiki Falcon fountain pen with Platinum Carbon ink.

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