Enough with the mittens, already!


I found a set of grayscale design markers on sale the other day, you know the kind with a really broad chisel nib, and full of solvents. Seeing fellow Urban Sketcher Eduardo Bajzek´s work with these (an example here), I just had to try them.

Normally, I hate this kind of markers. They stink, they bleed through the paper (on ordinary paper, here I used marker paper, which I don´t like either…), their broad nibs are impossible to draw with, and… well, they are nothing like a fine old fountain pen. BUT! With mittens on, and cold weather, I figured they´d be ok. And they were.

As I thought in one of my earlier “mittens posts”, these markers didn´t freeze like the PITT pens. They use some kind of solvent which apparently works fine below zero. The paper went all wet instead, and buckled a lot, but I decided not to whine about that and just keep drawing. The result is a bit overworked, but ok for a first try with this type of markers, I guess.

Working with broad tip markers is a lot more like painting than drawing. I concentrated on surfaces and values instead of lines, which is a good strategy when wearing big mittens, since it´s hard to control the lines when you can´t use your fingers. I added lines for the tile pattern at the end, since I think they are so much a part of that tunnel.

A4 size, Touch markers on marker paper.

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