Gula gången & Blå bodarna


Another scroll sketch. I went drawing at Slussen again today, and had decided to do a number of quick sketches like the two on the left, drawn in Gula gången (Yellow walkway, with yellow tiles on the walls). But after a coffee break I found this super sunny spot in the empty square outside Blå bodarna (Blue booths/stalls, and you guessed it – blue tiles on the walls), and I couldn´t persuade myself to do a quick sketch. I stayed on there for a while, basking in the sun, drawing away.

Inside Blå bodarna there used to be a number of small shops and stalls, among others a big stationery shop that was still there when I came to Stockholm in -98. Now there are two small shops and a hair dresser left, and the rest have been taken over by a nightclub or simply shut down. A half scary place at night, and a dark, worn down corridor in daytime, still retaining some of it´s oldschool cool.

50 x 13 cm, ink fineliners, pencil and coloured pencil in Moleskine Japanese album.

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