Today is midsummer´s eve in Sweden, probably the most celebrated holiday apart from Christmas. Well, it´s actually not a holiday as in red day in the calendar, but you will hardly find anyone working after noon. If you want to see Stockholm empty, this is the day to do it. Everyone who lives in the city seems to go somewhere else on this day; to summer houses, to beaches, to midsummer celebrations outside of town. The city itself is calm and sleepy.

Me and my dear M went for a morning picnic at Lida, an outdoor hiking/sports site by a lake outside Stockholm. We wanted to just plop our bodies down someplace intensely green for a while and enjoy the summer. It was warm, sunny, and just the perfect amount of soothing breeze to avoid sweat. Perfect.

In Stockholm you are never really far away from the countryside. If you head out, away from the city center, by car or commuter trains/buses, it won´t take long until you see the city abruptly ending, and greenery taking over.

13 x 20,5 cm, Duke fude nib fountain pen with Platinum Carbon ink, and watercolours, in Stillman & Birn Alpha Series Sketchbook.

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