Mercedes 306 D on a grey day


What better way to spend a day off, than to take the bicycle out to a spotted unusual car and sketch it? This Mercedes 306 D has clearly been fixed up with a grill from another Mercedes model, which contributes to a very unique look.

The weather could be more glorious in Stockholm at the moment, it is a bit grey and wet. But at least it wasn´t raining today.


In the photo is my tiny new folding stool (with my stealth wool drawing gloves on the seat). My last stool broke down in Barcelona in July, had to leave it in a garbage bin, it was beyond repair. I found this one on, and so far I´m happy with it. It is RIDICULOUSLY small, but it works for me. I want to sit close to the ground, so I can have my paints and other stuff right beside me and not have to bend down to reach for them. As long as I don´t have to sit on the ground, I´m good.

27 x 21,5 cm, UniPin ink fineliner and Koh-I-Noor Hardtmuth Magic pencils on Stillman & Birn Alpha series sketchbook spread.

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