Drawing old cars in Las Palmas


Who knew Las Palmas had an antique car museum! Thanks to Pedro Villarrubia, local sketcher from Las Palmas, I had the opportunity to sketch a few old cars in Las Palmas.


We had to wait for a while for the little Club de Automoviles Antiquos de Las Palmas to open – a great opportunity to grab a coffee and compare sketchbooks.

drawing_old_cars2_las_palmasThen into the museum for some sketching action. I think this museum is one of Las Palmas most well kept secrets – I tried to search for it online before going there, but couldn´t find it, and we were almost the only visitors during the evening. But oh the cars they have here! I get all soft inside when I see old beauties like these, and I really appreciate that there are dedicated enthusiasts who keep them alive.

And among all the classic Fords and Jaguars in there, suddenly there she was – an old Renault 16, same as my first car that dad gave me some time around 1990. I can still remember the comfortable soft suspension, the column shift and the little mono radio… Ah, the nostalgia. I also learned a few new bad words listening to dad trying to mend it when it broke down little by little the following years… ; )


Pedro´s drawings from the evening are here, if you scroll down a bit:

Both drawings: UniPin fineliner and watercolours on Stillman & Birn alpha series sketchbook.

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