Today I met up with a group of sketchers in Stockholm to draw at Riddarholmen, a small island connected to Old town. This place always feels a bit strange to me, because there are no apartments on this little island, only offices and courtrooms. What you get is a place full of really old, beautiful buildings, windows everywhere, some tourists strolling around – but not really much life going on. You will possibly have a tourist bus or two parking right in your view if you sit down to sketch here, but they won´t stay for long, and neither will their passengers.


There is a nice outdoors café here, though, which is usually quite calm this time of the year – perfect for a group of sketchers pausing between drawings. And in sunny weather, as today, the quay is the perfect place to bask in the sun, and enjoy the smashing view of Stockholm surrounding you across the water.

I am still getting used to my new Daniel Smith watercolours, and using mixes that I usually do with my Winsor & Newtons does not always work as expected. I do mix quite a bit of mud these days, but I´m thinking it will get better soon – we´re just getting acquainted. 🙂

Both drawings: 18,5 x 19,5 cm, Namiki Falcon with Platinum carbon ink, UniPin fineliner and watercolours on Fabriano NOT watercolour paper in handbound Russell Parry sketchbook.

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