Concrete jungle


This is a place I have passed by in our car and on my bicycle so many times, thinking that in spite of the grim and noisy atmosphere, there is actually a beautiful light here. And now in summer, there is even this shimmering green playing with the sunlight inbetween the concrete tree trunks. Beautiful, in a weird way. It´s like a forest, even if it´s man-made and very mathematical.


This weekend I decided to explore this place a bit with pen in hand. It´s more fun than you´d think to sit under one of the biggest highways in Sweden drawing! There are some pretty cool perspective problems to work on here. I´m not used to sitting with my head practically touching a highway, so had to think for a bit how to capture the depth of these ramps and bridges. (Plus I had to wash my hair when I got home, this is definitely one of the dirtier spots I´ve been drawing at.)


In spite of the noise from the roads, it is very still down here. It is dry, dusty and almost unreal in it´s quietude, even though cafés and shops are open just a few minutes bikeride away, and people are rushing past in their cars just one or two meters from my head. Contrasts are not only about colours and values, are they?

First and last drawing: 21 x 15 cm, middle drawing: 42 x 15 cm, fude nib fountain pen with De Atramentis document black ink, and watercolours, in Stillman & Birn alpha series sketchbook.

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