Sketches from Paris

It´s been a few weeks now since we came home from Paris, but I thought I´d post a page I made there in my sketchbook. It´s the first time I´ve been sitting in a pavement café in the beginning of March, drawing. Sweden is usually still in winter in March…


These are amazing journal pages – the shading is perfect and the use of a hint of color makes the work so individual.

These are really wonderful drawings. The hint of green wash gives it a touch of life. Please show us the rest of your travel sketches!

Wow. These are gorgeous images. I blogged about your blog this morning. It’s a fascinating one…I also applied to join EDM after finding out about it on your blog. Love your art.

Nina: Loved Paris…that’s one place I’ve always wanted to see. I liked your nose, too…sorry it’s stuffy, runny, etc. Spring is beautiful even through the suffering. Huh! Thanks for sharing your art.
Susan Miller
K.C., MO

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