Sketching at IKEA


We now have a small sketching group in Stockholm, and we try to meet up the last Sunday of every month to do some sketching together. (Let me know if you are interested in joining us!) Last time, someone suggested we should go to IKEA to draw some time, which sounded like a crazy enough idea the month before Christmas, so today we did. Well, two of us did – unfortunately the rest were busy with other things today. Check out my fellow sketcher David Meldrum´s site!


IKEA turned out to be a blast to draw in (plus they have cafés all over the place). Lots of perspective going on, with layers of columns, signs and people everywhere, and textiles hanging down like foldable walls from the ceiling. Everything in there lets you work with scale and depth in your sketches, which is tricky but fun.

Of course I made use of the free art supplies in there – the little short pencils they hand out to take notes turned out to be great for sketching values (though it didn´t make any really dark shades).

26 x 13 cm, top sketch: Namiki Falcon with Platinum Carbon black ink and IKEA note pencil in HandBook sketchbook, bottom sketch: Duke fountain pen with Platinum Carbon ink and watercolours in HandBook sketchbook.

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