Slussen with a carpenter

Another Monday off spent drawing. I went back to Slussen again (have been drawing quite a lot there before), this time with an updated carpenter´s pencil in hand. I was drawing with actual carpenter´s pencils this summer, but missed the real blackness of a good soft pencil.


Then I found this one in an art supply store here in Stockholm, the artsy alternative of the old trusted carpenter´s friend – it is actually a 6B! Much better.


I have been thinking that I need to start trying out tools that would work with mittens on, to be able to do some winter sketching later on. I think this pencil might be a winner. It´s a sturdy tool with lots of expression built in, and doesn´t involve any ink (avoiding freezing issues). And since it has such a clumsy point anyway, it should be ok that mittens are not ideal for delicate detail work.

17 x 24 cm, broad 6B pencil on lousy cheap paper in a folded sketchbook.

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