More tiny drawings


A good thing with a tiny sketchbook is of course it´s portability. I like drawing whatever is in front of me, to record all those everyday things in life, and wanted to capture this place, where I sometimes change buses to and from work. I´m never there long enough to finish a drawing, but it was easy to just keep working on the same sketch during several days with this little sketchbook. Also, weather matters less! A few drops of rain doesn´t do much harm, because the sketchbook is almost covered by my drawing hand, held closely to my body while drawing.


And as always, you are never bored with a sketchbook in hand. I was host at an exhibition in October, and while it´s fun to talk to visitors and take care of things around the exhibition, there are always those moments of silence and complete calm between visitors, where I tend to get a bit restless. I kept myself busy drawing.


All drawings: 17,8 x 14 cm, fude nib fountain pen with black De Atramentis document ink or UniPin fineliner, and watercolours, on Stillman & Birn alpha series sketchbook spread.

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