Skröna – a very long sketchbook

Skröna (Tall tale) is a long sketchbook with pencil drawings concerning a summerhouse I share with my extended family. I worked on it for most of the spring in 2018, and it was exhibitied at Vårsalong (Spring salon) at Norrbyskär´s museum in June the same year.

I used all kinds of pencils and graphite for this book, and had a lot of fun with the Portuguese graphite product Artgraph by Viarco (you can see it in the video clip below). Like painting watercolours with graphite, and leaves a matte graphite surface when it dries. Fantastic material.

It felt like a great bonus to be mentioned in the local newspaper´s (Västerbottenskuriren) article about the exhibition, with one of my drawings included.


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